Training & Development

Talent Training and Development
Talent is the most important values in an Organization and we believe that it is the core mission in human resources management in AEON Stores. We emphasize staff development in multiple aspects and have a comprehensive training system, including new join orientation, on-the-job training and Executive Management Trainee Program, etc. Providing staff skill development and keeping a high standard of professional services qualities. Through different training programs, we aimed at enhancing employees’ practical experience and sustain professional skills development.
New Join Orientation TrainingTraining Content 1
  • ・New Staff Training
On-the-job TrainingTraining Content 2
  • ・Customer-first service
  • ・Hygiene and Control
Future Leader TrainingTraining Content 3
  • ・Junior Management Program
  • ・Advanced Management Program
  • ・Work Abroad Dispatch Program
  • ・Study Abroad Dispatch Program
Executive Management Trainee ProgramTraining Content 4
  • ・Executive Management Trainee Program
Qualifications of skill developmentTraining Content 5
  • ・Sushi Master
  • ・Sashimi Master
  • ・Meat Master
  • ・Cook
  • ・Bakery
  • AEON People are Our Assets
  • Training & Development
  • Vacancy
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