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2022 Dec 16
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

AEON Volunteer Team: "Community Hearty Soup" Service Day

On 16th December, AEON volunteer team visited Jockey Club Food Grace Kitchen in Kwai Hing. Making use of the unsold vegetables collected from wet markets, volunteers specially prepared large pots of “Hearty Soup” by their own hands serving a group of people who are in need among the community - elderlies living alone, double-aging families and the grassroots.

Today's Special was "Tomato and Potato Soup" with low-carbon ingredients, such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions and burdocks. Volunteers firstly divided into groups, cleaned and cut the food ingredients for the next step – cooking. After that, volunteers visited those in need and distributed the soup with the use of food containers, together with grocery lucky bags donated through "Yellow Receipt Campaign" by AEON earlier.

After the activity, the volunteers all expressed that they were very happy to be able to take part in. From learning the concepts of low-carbon diet, making good use of food surplus and reducing waste, integrating environmental protection into daily life, to delivering the blessings to people in need, all were very meaningful.

Finally, we hope that the beneficiaries could feel the warmth and caring from the community under the chilly weather.

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