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2022 Dec 06
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

AEON Volunteer Team: AEON jointly held Tree Caring Activity with Friends of the Earth (HK)

To celebrate AEON's 35th anniversary in Hong Kong, the AEON Environmental Foundation, AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited ("AEON Stores (Hong Kong)") and Friends of the Earth jointly hosted the "Tree Planting Challenge 2022". The tree planting event was successfully held at Tai Lam Country Park on 7 August, with the full support of AEON Environmental Foundation. Starting from the day, a total of 150 enthusiastic AEON employees and volunteers planted 1,500 native saplings, contributing to the greening of Hong Kong and conservation of the local ecological environment. Later on 28th August, a total of 9 AEON employees led a team of 33 AEON Cheers Club members to visit the planting site for tree caring works.

Continuing the first Tree Caring Day of the year, a total of 27 AEON employees in four-person teams returned to Tai Lam Country Park on 26th November, performing a series of tree caring works in an unmaintained area of the planting site, including weeding and fertilizing, for injecting nutrients for the growth of the saplings, so as to facilitate their healthy growth. Although the weather was not good during the activity, AEON employees still worked very hard with high efficiency amid the rain.

The activity did not merely provide hands-on experience for volunteers to participate in tree caring works, but also the learnings on the importance of tree planting - reducing carbon and maintaining biodiversity. It is hoped that the saplings will thrive and become a lush forest, increasing the ecological value of Hong Kong's country parks.

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