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2021 Nov 11
AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited


AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (“AEON Stores” or the “Group”) (stock code: 984) has today announced its tenancy of Shop No.ISCW-B101 on Level B1 of Indoor Sports Centre within Kai Tak Sports Park, Kai Tak. The new “AEON STYLE Kai Tak” store (or “the Store”) [is set to open in 2023] and will focus on bringing a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle to its customers.

Located on B1 level of the Indoor Sports Centre within Kai Tak Sports Park (or “the Park”), “AEON STYLE Kai Tak” will aim to serve the needs of middle-aged to young families in the area, along with patrons of the Park with a strong conceptual focus on “Eat, Enjoy, Play”. Its supermarket will introduce the successful “Reward Kitchen” model from Japan to provide customers with convenient, fresh, high-quality and value ready-to-eat foods, and will launch a variety of low-sugar, low-calorie healthy foods, including directly imported organic fresh produce from Japan and nutritional supplements to cater to the health-conscious consumers in the area. AEON’s popular “Cantevole” bakery will also be available to offer its renowned Japanese-style fresh and unique bread and bakery products made with high-quality ingredients. As the Store is likely to attract clientele visiting the Park to use its multi-purpose sports facilities, a range of light sports and outdoors items will be carefully selected and made available for the diverse range of visitng customers on the premises.

Mr Isao Sugawara, Managing Director of AEON Stores, said, “‘AEON STYLE’ is a new type of store model with products, services and shopping environment specially arranged for a targeted range of diverse customers. It is renowned for tailoring each store for neighbouring communities, promising to deliver a unique experience to customers with each opening. We are excited and confident that the new healthy-living and Japanese-quality focused ‘AEON STYLE Kai Tak’ will bring about happiness and convenience to both shoppers seeking for every-day necessities, as well as those visiting Kai Tak Sports Park for recreational purposes. Please look forward to our new store as AEON Stores will always commit to its service philosophy of ‘Everything we do, we do for our customers’ and continue to challenge revolutionary changes.”

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About AEON Stores
AEON Stores was established in Hong Kong in 1985 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994. The Group is mainly engaged in the operation of general retail businesses (General Merchandise Stores and Independent Supermarkets). Currently, it operates 10 GMS, 2 independent supermarkets, 30 independent Living PLAZA by AEON, 32 independent Daiso Japan, 1 independent Bento Express by AEON and 4 Mono Mono and 4 KOMEDA'S Coffee in densely populated districts in Hong Kong. It also operates 21 GMS and 15 independent supermarkets in Guangdong Province, the PRC.

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